How To Sell a Diamond Ring

Sell your Diamond Ring are the UK's leading buyer of Diamonds. SYDR regularly price check the market to ensure the cash price offered for the precious stones is the best available.

Not only do SYDR price check the competition, we closely monitor the Diamond trade pricing which means we can offer the most accurate and up to date quotation.

If you are looking to sell a diamond ring, loose diamonds or diamonds manufactured within Jewellery you will be looking to receive the best possible price. It's only natural. The price is the greatest factor when deciding who to sell your diamonds too, but at SYDR we also provide:

  • Advice on How to Sell a Diamond
  • Instant Bank Transfer on transaction completion
  • Available cash on site in our London offices
  • Efficient, personal and confidential service

The value of your diamond will be determined by the four C's.

  • The Carat or weight of the diamonds is a major factor in the pricing model.
  • The Colour of the Diamond
  • The Clarity of the Diamond
  • The cut of the Diamond

Many high street shops will look to purchase your diamond, as will vendors who set up stall in shopping centres. Some of our largest clients are retail or Jewellery traders who sell their Diamonds to directly SYDR.

If you are based in London, the most efficient and easiest way to sell your diamond is to visit our offices in Barnet, North London. We can offer you an instant quotation and also provide you with cash or a bank transfer to the valuation of your diamond.

The other alternative is to utilise our Diamond Pack service and be confident to send your diamonds insured and through the post. You can track your delivery online and will be called upon receipt, following evaluation from our Diamond experts.

An experienced member of our valuations team
will be happy to assist your application:

call: 020 8446 8538