A few of our many satisfied clients:

Just sold a diamond ring to these guys. Very pleasant people to deal with and they give great service. Cash was in my account within days (had a weekend to content with). I was a bit dubious about sending this ring in the post but there were no problems as I just paid a little extra for cover. Would definitely recommend this firm.

Linda Low, 31/08/2015

Thank the Lord for HCFD! I cleared all my credit card debts from my late mums 4.01ct round diamond ring. Brilliant Tom, see you again one day!

D. Harrison, 31/08/2015

After a messy divorce I did get some pleasure; The £30, 000 for my 7ct oval diamond! Jonathan, thanks for your time, honesty and professionalism.

S. Hartley, 20/08/2015

We are local solicitors who specialise in Probate. I wish I had found HCFD before, great service and prices, will be giving you all our probate work from now on permanently.

S. France, 10/08/2015

I was left a VIctorian 18ct 3.0 ct 5stone diamond ring , which my local jeweller said he could only pay for the gold. I sent HCFD an image as requested and just received £1500, instead of £80! This should be a lesson to every inexperienced person in jewellery like I was! A big thanks to HCFD, I will definitely recommend you.

P. Bagshot, 02/08/2015

I found HCFD on the net when I was living and trading in South Africa, I have sold a lot of my redundant diamonds to Jonathan and Tom, being in the trade myself, I can only say they are highly professional and pay the best prices and am now using them regularly.

A. Falloden, 27/07/2015

I liaised with Jonathan by e mail from the Orkneys and he assured me, my ring would be fine to send in one of his fully insured diamond packs and low and behold it was a very smooth transaction without any hitches and twice the price I had been offered locally, a big thank you.

K. S Mc Nulty, 20/07/2015

Had a lot of antique diamond pieces from my late mother to sell, went to see Jonathan and Tom in Finchley (being a Chelsea lady never been to Finchley, it was very nice and countrified!!)and they gave me much more than I had been offered in Grays and Portobello. Very surprised and very happy, plus they altered all my rings that I had been left beautifully too. Will definitely be back!

F. Pemberton, 17/07/2015

Very happy to have met HCFD , I have a little jewellers in the Midlands , and I accumulated nearly 200ct of smalls in diamonds from Cash for Gold days , got a great price , will be back with more

P. Delsey from Aston, 13/07/2015

I had a 3.01ct round from an ex-marriage, which I didn't obviously want to hang on to, and I part exchanged it for a diamond I always wanted which was a 2.50ct square modified brilliant, Jonathan and his team made me the new ring, and with the £3k, they owed me, I took one of their fantastic tennis bracelets, so I am a very happy lady!!!!!!!!

S Lane from Norfolk, 06/07/2015

Many thanks for buying my Diamond Ring - I called many different companies all promising me the best price for my ring, but you were by far the best price offered. When you called me the next day I was honestly expecting a lower price to be offered so was very pleased to hear that the money had been transferred into my account that day! Thank you Jonathan!

C Prynn, Berkhamstead

Fast, efficient and friendly service. I wanted to realise the cash for my ring as quick as possible and been able to visit you in your London offices on a Saturday was great for me! Thank you so much.

Hannah, London

I would recommend Sell your Diamond Ring to anyone looking to sell Diamonds or Diamond Jewellery. I visited them personally with my stone as was wary of posting it. After careful inspection Jonathan offered a very fair price which we agreed. I waited in the office whilst the funds were transferred into my bank account.

Mr N T, Birmingham

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